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updated 3/8/2021

During the past 20 years, serious softball players have looked to Miken Sports for bats that provide the highest levels of performance and durability. Their relentless focus on both technology and the demands of players has made Miken and Worth Sports the most demanded line of softball bats today. With their continued success Miken/Worth has put together a Miken Pro program that will enhance the performance of the players themselves....

Miken Sports has been leading the way in the composite bats era as the premier innovator and technology leader for over 20 years...This year Miken has once again developed the premiere bats in the industry ..There USSSA and ASA line of bats are hot as you can possibly make them...They have developed 7 new different styles of Senior bats. Something for every type of hitter... This will be a very exciting year for the Miken/Worth Sports Company.......

Mike Macenko: Has over 40 years of slowpitch softball behind him. . Mike Helps with doing demo's and runs a Home Run Challenge sponsored by Miken and Worth Sports plus RB Thomas and his ISSA Senior Softball Association... As I mentioned before I have a number of other sponsors for the 2020 season....

Mike Macenko is very excited to announce his seventh year that he has been promoting Miken and Worth Senior Slow Pitch Softball Products.

This is the 4th year that Mike is doing the Miken/Worth Mike Macenko Home run Challenge It all started in 2017 at the Smoky Mountain Classic in Marysville, Tennessee.. This year Mike is very excited with the program that he has put together with RB Thomas and the ISSA Senior Softball Association. Mike has put together an 8 to 10 City Home Run Derby Challenge that will cover 7 states and 10 cities on the Eastern part of the United States.

Cities like Richmond, Virginia, Myrtle Beach, North Carolina and Tampa, Florida to name a few. The Challenge is something extra that Mike has put together so that the senior softball players will be able to add something to their weekend tournament play. From doing these Home Run Derby Challenges Mike has learned what the senior players are looking for. That notoriety that in their golden years they are still able to play the game like they did when they were younger. During these 10 city home run challenges Mike will take the top two hitters in each event and bring them all together for one final Home Run Derby Challenge in Sanford, Florida at he beautiful Boombah Sports Complex.

Last year I was able to work with a number of great people/sponsors to put together a prize package of $3500.00 that I split 3 ways... The softball people that helped with the sponsorship were Jimmy Thurman and his All American Restoration and Roofing LLC company. I also had Jack Aronson and Clean Planet Foods on board with the program. Other sponsors involved were Ed Starcher from Kellerher Law... Shelly Hoffman from American Metals Recycling also donated to the cause... RB Thomas and his Engineering Co. also helped in the prize package. My very good friends at Swing Nation helped with the T-Shirts for the events... It really was a productive summer...




Tampa , Florida ISSA Senior Softball Challenge
60 Plus Division



Tampa , Florida ISSA Senior Softball Challenge
50 Plus Division


some more photos

Here is the 60 Plus Division Winners .. Long Ball Billy Hudson and Paco Bogue. Both of these players put on one heck of a performsance... Paco came back with a 6 for 10 in the final swings... Billy Hudson was doing his damamge using my signature model bat Miken Ultra Fusion Mike Macenko Supermax as he hit some creatures good for a 7 - 10 job....... Great job by everyone... Also in the picture if the ISSA Leader himself RB Thomas....




Here we have some of the Miken Senior Pro's that were involved in the event.... Left to right is Steve Heller who did most of the pitching to the hitters and he did an excellent job.... Big Cat, Brad Stillwell, Winner Mike Dill who was swinging his signature bat the Miken Ultra Fusion Balanced to hit 9 out of 10 to won the event.... Runner up was Chris Walker one of the teams sponsors for the FBI/Team Kitty as used his signature model bat The Marauder by Worth to hit 6 out of 10 way out of the ball park. There was some serious hitting this evening... Geoffrey Orr did very well as he hit some long home runs as well. I believe he hit 7 in a row himself... Then we have Alan Tanner who i the first round hit a perfect 10 for 10 out of the ball park to give him, the lead.... In the second round he hit 5 out of 10 in the second round... Also in the mix is Robert Rocky Sollitto... He came on strong to finish in 3rd place with 6 oput of 10 as well.... There was some might fine performances this event..... Looking forward to the next one..... See you then... Big Cat!





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